Refrain v3.00.00 MOD APK

Refrain v3.00.00 MOD APK

Refrain v3.00.00 MOD APK

 Refrain v3.00.00 MOD APK Please confirm the following [Purchasing Precautions] 
before purchasing and executing the game 


[Game introduction] 
Simulate the mobile phone screen into the glass of the meeting room, 
start meeting with him, or 
talk to him using in-game communication software , and Through the monitor, 
glimpse his other side and true heart… 

“The captive Refrain” is a 
somatosensory love game that personally experiences the love journey. 
In order to help him trapped on an isolated island, 
you need to unravel the mystery and heart of his memory. 

This book is a beautiful worldview 
and a comprehensive evolutionary system. Not only the fans of the previous 
but also the players who have entered the world of palms from this work can experience the 
endless real love journey between him and him . 

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Refrain v3.00.00 MOD APKScreenShot

Refrain v3.00.00 MOD APK

◆◇ Will read your mind’s meeting ◇ ◆ 
By touching the screen, he will 
react to your actions ; through your sight, 
he will read your inner feelings. 

The fascinating 3D module in the meeting 
presents his subtle expressions 
and his various words to you. 

As if he exists on the other side of the glass, 
experience a realistic and romantic meeting situation. 

◆◇ Full of dramatic story stories ◇ ◆ 

One night, due to the drop of a book on the ground, I 
accidentally saved the youth who passed out of the street—the thousand.

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