G30 – A Memory Maze v1.05 MOD APK

G30 - A Memory Maze v1.05 MOD APK

G30 – A Memory Maze v1.05 MOD APK

G30 – A Memory Maze v1.05 MOD APK How would you feel, if you couldn’t recognize your life, your loved ones and even yourself? Could you find a light in the dark maze of human consciousness? Could you remember the story?


Each level sparks a little memory of the person’s life. It’s a two-part puzzle: a visual image of the memory and a telescopic text, that reveals itself with every step. You start with fragmented pieces of the picture attached to dashed lines. Dragging them like strings, you move parts of the image to restore it. In turn, telescopic text reacts to your every step – the closer you are to the solution, the more text unfolds. And if you’re not moving in the right direction, the story piece too can drift away from the truth. You are indeed remembering – adding details to the memory and forming a clear picture.

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G30 – A Memory Maze v1.05 MOD APK ScreenShot

G30 - A Memory Maze v1.05 MOD APK


• The “Most Innovative Game” award at both Casual Connect USA and Casual Connect Kyiv
• “Best Mobile Game” at ELEGANCE Awards
• “Excellence in Game Design” at Gamma
• “Best Mobile Game” and “Critics’ Choice” at GYP Indie Cup
• “G DC Special Award” and “Amazon Special Award” at Get IT Conference

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