Courage Heroes of Magic v1.34.8 MOD APK

Courage Heroes of Magic v1.34.8 MOD APK

Courage Heroes of Magic v1.34.8 MOD APK

Heroes of Magic – turn-based strategy with elements of RPG. 

Courage Heroes of Magic v1.34.8 MOD APK The scepter of the seven kingdoms was treacherously abducted straight from the throne room. The kings convened the best heroes and announced any reward to those who return the legendary relic. Having inspired, you are happy to embark on a dangerous adventure. Use your tactical abilities and powerful magic. Lead the legions of fighters, fight bosses and defeat other players! In the course of the plot, the best fighters will join your army: archers, monks, knights, skeletons, animals and many others. Your journey will begin in a small town, but the plot does not just take you to the most interesting corners of the Brave. You will pass through high mountains, descend into the wild jungle, visit the palm islands, meet orcs, ghosts and even mysterious nomads. 

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Courage Heroes of Magic v1.34.8 MOD APKScreenShot

Courage Heroes of Magic v1.34.8 MOD APK

Game features:

✔ Free Adventure mode and exciting Duels with other players 
✔ Hand-crafted game world 
✔ Creating and pumping weapons and equipment 
✔ A whole set of unique battles with unexpected surprises 
✔ Dungeons for random battles and a worthy reward 
✔ A pile of stylish artifacts 
✔ 7 unique schools of fighting magic 
3 famous heroes at the start of the game: Warrior, Sorceress and Cunning Pirate 
✔ And, of course, the headliners of the party are cunning bosses


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